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FBC GmbH our Business Who We Are FBC was founded as a Japanese Economic News Provider in Frankfurt (Main), Ger […]


our Business

Who We Are

FBC was founded as a Japanese Economic News Provider in Frankfurt (Main), Germany, in 1992.
Under German law, our consultancy is incorporated independently as a “Ltd.” = GmbH, and has no affiliations with Japanese and German companies.
FBC mainly consists of the bussiness bottom:

・economic news agency:We are Japanese, German and other European business journalists
・research division:market researchers, consultants, marketing specialists, experts for statistical data, and publishers
・business administration staff
・Mediation and support between Japanese and german business, internship, traditional works.

On the average for a bigger project, 20 people would be ready and be glad to provide their services to you, tailored to your requirements.

What We Do

FBC has been publishing weekly economic newsletters and business information in Japanese ever since.
Right now, it is our pleasure to serve more than 600 widely known Japanese international companies as our core customers.
Moreover, we have 4000 Japanese companies subscribing to our weekly e-mail magazine.

How We Work

FBC make markets more transparent:
We gather all relevant bits of economic information through perusing national and international newspapers, and other public sources.
Conducting research on selected markets, on consultation with our clients, we put together statistical and other data into reports.
We also publish more general, sectoral studies on selected countries.

Where We Work

Our consulting company is located in Germany, in Frankfurt (Main) City, one of Europe’s main business centres and a hub for all kinds of business travels and logistics via the Frankfurt International Airport. It is called one of the gates to Central & Eastern Europe.
What Does FBC Stand For?
Literally, the name originates from FBC’s founder, Mr. FUJITA, and from providing Business Consulting. In a transferable sense, FBC incorporates traditional business virtues such as honesty, openness and trustworthiness.

References: Sectoral Studies by Regions & Countries

In brief, here you find some titles of our published reports, especially on Central & Eastern Europe.


FBC Business Consulting GmbH
August-Schanz Str. 8, D-60433 Frankfurt/M., Germany, EU
Tel: +49 (069) 5480950
Fax: +49 (069) 54809525
E-Mail: info@fbcnews.de